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What Do You Get With Your EXCLUSIVE Listing?

Your listing will include as much of the following as you want!

  • Your Listing is EXCLUSIVE for your Zip Code(s) Chosen!
    • Zip Codes NEVER duplicate!
  • Your Page is Ad Free
    • The ONLY "universal" ad space on our site is at the very bottom of the page, below our copyright.
    • This one is the only one that would show on your page.
  • Your Photo or Logo
  • Your Complete Contact Info
  • Links to Your Chosen Social Media Accounts
  • Your Introduction with Contact Information
    • Includes 2 text Links to Your Website
  • Your Youtube Video Embedded
  • "Button" link to your website
  • Followed by up to 500 words of text (you supply whatever you want to say)
  • "Button" link to your website again

How Will Your Listing Help You?

  • Improved visibility in search
    • Your listing is in an industry specific directory and is an authoritative link
    • Just the link back to your website is easily worth $100 annually.
    • You only have to pay this ONCE!
  • Easy to find you from our search tool
    • Your listing includes these things in search:
      • Business Name
      • Your Name
      • Zip Code(s) that you service
      • City Names that you service
    • If a user provides any of those as a search word, your listing will be shown as a result

How Much Does Your Listing Cost?

We charge a 1 time for a lifetime fee to build your page and we make this affordable for everyone by using a sliding scale based upon the population of zip codes.  We use the data from to see the population of zip codes.  You may use the service free to check the poulation(s) of the zip codes that interest you.

  • A 1 Time for Life starting at just $50!
    • City(ies) Population X .005 = Cost
      • Up to 10,000 - $50
      • 20,000 - $100
      • 30,000 - $150
      • 40,000 - $200
      • 50,000 - $250
      • 60,000 - $300
      • 70,000 - $350
      • 80,000 - $400
      • 90,000 - $450
      • 100,000 - $500
        • We round to the nearest 10,000
        • Costs will always be in denominations of $100's or $50's
  • Rates above are "rounded" by population.  Your actual cost will be based upon the population of the zip codes that you choose, rounded to the nearest 10,000.
    • 44,999 rounds down to 40,000 = $200
    • 50,000 is a multiple of 10,000 and doesn't round = $250
    • 55,001 rounds up to 60,000 = $300
  • You only have to pay for the zip codes that you want.  If you are in a larger city, you may not want to pay for all of the zip codes ...
  • NO Monthly or Annual Fees, Ever
    • We don't charge like a directory service, we only charge for creating your page!
  • If you need changes to listing after we have completed it, charge is just a minimal $25

Are Your Desired Zip Codes Available?

We must limit our directory listings since this is a manually managed website.  You need to use our search tool to check for the availability of your desired zip codes.  If the one(s) that most interest you are taken, then you may search zip codes in surrounding areas, too.

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