Questions and Answers

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This site looks like a directory to me. Why is it called an 'undirectory'?

We call our directory an "un-directory" for five reasons:

  1. Our primary focus upon building content that is of use to consumers that have plumbing issues.
    1. Plumbing pros submit their tips to us.
    2. We publish those tips with a link back to their websites. (No charge for this!)
    3. We post ads on the tips pages to generate revenue to maintain the site.
  2. Our site is not controlled by automated software.
  3. We manually build pages for the plumbing pros that are listed here.
  4. Our listings are exclusive by zip codes.
  5. We don't charge ANY monthly or annual fees ... EVER!

What does it cost to get a listing here?

We charge a 1 time, lifetime fee that is based upon the population of chosen zip codes, making it affordable for even the smallest plumbing companies.

How does a listing here help my local plumbing business?

Your listing here includes a full page for your local business with links back to your website.

Your listing is manually indexed in our site's search.

People find our site while seeking for local plumbing companies as well as tips and advice about plumbing issues.

We make the "Find a Local Plumber" a primary tool on our site, which will link potential businesses to your company and website.

Questions and Answers